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A whole new look!!! 
The Project has been redesigned in 2017!  With the return of Mark May to Houston, Texas, the Project has returned to the original formula of Classic and Modern Rock,  Pop Rock Country, R&B, and Soul!  With 3 new members (Drums, Matt Mees; Keys and Vocals, Roy Ohr; and Bass, Scott Bach), the Project has begun focusing on familiar songs that make folks want to sing along and dance.  We've added some great new songs and artists, such as Elton John, Keith Urban, Steve Miller, and Prince, and continue to and to and refine our song list.  We still do some blues, although quite a bit less focus on instrumental, and more focus on being the jukebox for the party!!!
Things change, and we have some great years with some fantastic players, who are now starting new projects around town.  You'll see em out there...make sure you catch their show!!! 
We hope you like what you hear with our newly remodeled Dave Absalom Project!!!  Come on out anytime! 

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